You probably have many photos or videos that document your most valued events in life. But isn’t it great if you knew they were safe and accessible whenever you wanted them?

A storage device such as your phone or flash disk can provide an easy way out, but not always. You’ll likely lose your files if the device fails or gets lost.

Cloud platforms, therefore, have an alternative storage point for all files. You can keep and manage your files without unexpected inconveniences such as a malfunction on your mobile handset.

One reliable cloud portal is, which offers unlimited storage space and downloads with a click. Once you access the platform and register your information, you only require internet connectivity to manage or share documents with others.

What Is

It is an internet-backed platform for keeping, managing, and sharing files. The site provides relevant tools for novice and expert users to upload, make changes, store, and disseminate selected files. These include pictures, videos, documents, and other forms of cloud content.

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Katfile Premium Benefits

Katfile enables you to sign up for a Katfile premium or basic account. Like other cloud storage ports, the basic package comes free. It, however, has limitations, including slow download speeds and restricted storage space.

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It is advisable to update your plan to the paid option to enjoy the full benefits of the platform.

Here’s what you will get from the premium offers:

  • Download Your Files Speedily – A premium account lets you download your files at a breakneck speed, reducing the time you spend on the platform. guarantees you up to 1000 Mbps of speed for all downloads as a premium subscriber.
  • Download Multiple Threads – It is possible to download a batch of files at once with the premium account. Not only that, but there’s also no restriction to the number of concurrent downloads you can execute in a session.
  • Download By a Click – A premium package puts you on top of unnecessary delays within your download sessions. Everything sets off immediately when you click on the mouse on your device. You won’t bear the basic program’s lapse periods, which sometimes exceed thirty seconds.
  • No Captcha Before Downloads – Have you ever had to fill in characters and codes to access cloud-stored files? Well, this is a standard procedure and happens as a login protocol in the basic version. However, a paid account doesn’t come with barriers that may limit easy access to your documents.
  • Enjoy Lifetime Storage – Once you store your files on, you wouldn’t want to transfer to a different platform, especially if you mind file safety. If that is your wish, the premium option grants it. Unlike free package members, who have a time-out for their storage portal, you will enjoy unlimited lifetime storage on the premium servers.
  • Secure Your Files – Users consider cloud-backed storage systems necessary for data security. As a user of the paid package, you wouldn’t want unauthorized users to access your files. A premium subscription on, therefore, protects data privacy and safety. It has a robust encryption system that controls data access across the platform.
  • 50 GB Upload Bandwidth – Sometimes, you’ll need to upload huge files such as videos. These files require extra bandwidth to accommodate their size on the platform. By signing up for a premium package, Katfile gives you up to 50 GB of bandwidth.
  • As a result, you won’t have to trim some content to create extra space for your uploads. This feature is unavailable for basic subscribers, who can only download and upload up to 2 GB of data files.

Katfile Premium Price

Katfile has pocket-friendly prices for its premium users. You’ll get unlimited paid benefits for as low as $0.10 per day. The cloud portal also accepts different payment modes, such as debit cards, E-money, or cryptocurrencies.

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Below is a breakdown of the premium offers:

  • One Month Premium – For a month, enjoy Katfile premium at the cost of $0.63 each day or a one-off $18.99 monthly payment.
  • Three Months Premium – You can sign up or update your free version to a three-month package. It costs $52.99 for the three months, or $0.58 if you opt for a daily payment mode.
  • One Year Premium – A One Year Premium plan is available for $119.95 if you pay upfront. Alternatively, if you want a more flexible plan, you can pay $0.32 daily for the same package.
  • LifeTime – If you have lots of files you wish to store, download, or disseminate, you need a more extended plan that covers the whole year. At only $439.99, you’ll enjoy all the perks offered by

Luckily, you won’t pay everything upfront for the annual package. You can conveniently pay $0.01 each day and enjoy your perks for the same plan.

Final Thoughts

Katfile, no doubt, offers the best deal for cloud-backed storage of files. First, signing up on the platform is pretty easy.

Once you set up an account, upgrade to the premium offer that brings an array of benefits. You can enjoy unlimited speeds, sufficient storage space, and lifetime backup for all files. You can also run different download threads simultaneously without worrying about any hiccups.

Finally, the premium option offers you reliable storage using encryption protocols that ensure all your data is only accessible to you.

Considering the multiple benefits of the premium account, it is worth the price.

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